Tuesday 13 August @ The Lord Palmerston 8pm

"One of the most entertaining, best executed, original road pictures ever." - Variety

This is the one film that we both had on our lists of films we wished you'd voted for in the last 12 months. By unhappy coincidence, Dennis Farina, who plays the mob boss in the film, died on 22 July, so we'll now be showing the film in tribute as an additional screening.

Midnight Run is a brilliantly throwaway comedy-thriller that fairly zips along, yet still packs a real emotional punch when the final credits roll.

Charles Grodin’s mild-mannered lawyer almost steals the film from Robert De Niro’s uptight bounty-hunter (a role that is just the right side of self-parody and undoubtedly De Niro’s finest comedic performance). Also, great support from Yaphet Kotto, Joe Pantoliano, and the recently deceased Dennis Farina – who puts in a genuinely chilling performance as a mob boss with a criminal taste in comfortable knitwear. Put simply: more people should see this film.

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