For Your Consideration



In La Belle et La Bete, a hairy great Man-Thing falls for, and successfully woos, a beautiful young woman. And so your choices for what we'll be screening on Tues 6 Feb are out of three more films in which unlikely suitors have a crack at punching above their weight.


Bedazzled (Stanley Donen, UK, 1967) 

"The imagination of Cook the writer runs wild in this devilishly wicked and funny film. The humour is frequently so surreal it takes you completely by surprise, but it also bears a sharply satirical criticism of modern life." BBC Movies Review

Dudley Moore plays Stanley Moon, a short short-order cook infatuated with beautiful waitress, Margaret Spencer (Eleanor Bron). Driven to despair, he attempts suicide but is interrupted by the Devil (Peter Cook) who offers the unhappy young man seven wishes in return for his soul. Writen by Cook and Moore and co-staring Raquel Welch and Barry Humphries, Bedazzeled is a cult classic - and easily the most successful of the comedy duo's big-screen forays.


Cyrano de Bergerac (Jean-Paul Rappeneauis, France/Hungry, 1990)

 "...positively bursts with all the wonder and excitement of a world as seen through a child's eyes: larger-than-life characters, the richest colours and the minutest, most sumptuous details, all of which are lovingly captured by cinematographer Pierre Lhomme" Empire Magazine

Gérard Depardieu plays Cyrano de Bergarac, a big-nosed Parisian poet and swashbuckler, infatuated with his beautiful cousin, Roxane. Believing himself too ugly to successfully court Roxane himself, he decides to declare his love vicariously through a dashing new recruit to the Cadets de Gascogne, whom Roxane has become infatuated with. Based on the 1897 play of the same name by Edmond Rostand, British writer Anthony Burgess supplied the translated subtitles.


Gregory's Girl (Bill Forsyth, UK, 1981)

"It floats effortlessly over its landscape, seeing all from a marvelously cockeyed perspective all its own." Vincent Canby, New York Times

John Gordon Sinclair stars as Gregory, a gauche and gawky young schoolboy infatuated with beautiful class-mate Dorothy (Dee Hepburn). Determined to ask her out, Gregory enlists the "help" of his friends and younger sister to help him woo Dorothy. Written and directed by Bill Forsyth,  Gregory's Girl is an utterly charming Scottish coming-of-age romantic comedy.