Tuesday 6 November 8pm

“This is a nearly flawless little film, a cheerful nightmare that knows just where it wants to go and uses precisely calibrated comic effects to get there.” – Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

In the AV Club’s recent list of the best films of the 90s Election came in at 28 and in 2010 the Guardian placed it at number 14 in its list of the 25 best comedies of all time.

Reese Witherspoon is terrific as the go-getting Tracy Flick who’ll stop at nothing to get elected as High School president.  Matthew Broderick is equally brilliant as the teacher who has other plans.

Election was released while Bill Clinton was still in the White House but it’s not hard to imagine Tracy Flick getting a job with George W Bush. In fact, this is probably not too far removed a vision from what Sarah Palin was like in High School.

Election is Alexander Payne’s second feature, following the seldom-seen Citizen Ruth. He went to greater acclaim as the director About Schmidt, Sideways and the Oscar-winning The Descendants.

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