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Lost Highway (David Lynch, USA, 1997)

Lynch folds his story in on itself with a mid-point transformation that follows an atmospheric, rather than plot-driven, line of logic ... This is cinema as art, as Lynch challenges expectations of identity and reality.
— Empire Magazine

In a city suspiciously like Los Angeles, a jazz musician (Bill Pullman) is tortured by the notion that his wife (Patricia Arquette) is having an affair. In a parallel story, a young mechanic is drawn into a web of deceit by a temptress (again, Patricia Arquette) who is cheating on her gangster boyfriend (Robert Loggia). These two tales are linked by the fact that both women (both Patricia Arquette) may, in fact, be the same woman (again, Patricia Arquette). The men are also connected by a mysterious turn of events that calls into question their very identities.

We don’t often show 18 certificate films so feel we ought to point out that the BBFC is correct when they advise that Lost Highway “contains strong sex, language, violence and bloody images”.