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Sons of the Desert ( William A. Seiter, USA, 1933) & Towed in a Hole (George Marshall, USA, 1932)

The whole tightly controlled film shows the pair at their best, fighting to maintain their dignity in a world almost as absurd as they are. Few comedy duos created and maintained characters of such lovable dimensions.
— The Guardian

The best thing about the decent-enough-but-c’mon-this-is-just-jumped-up-Sunday-night-ITV-fare-right-folks? Stan & Ollie biopic is the interest it’s rekindled in all things Laurel & Hardy - which gives us the perfect excuse to show a film we’ve been wanting to show since starting this film club: Sons of the Desert . And because Sons of the Desert is only an hour long, we’ll be pairing it with one of their greatest shorts: Towed in a Hole.

* sez I (Wayne).

** sez I (Wayne, again)