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Charlie Bubbles (Albert Finney, UK, 1967)

The ending, a low key absurdist touch, is as quiet, beautifully made and carefully thought out as the rest.
— Renata Adler, New York Times

Screened in tribute to Albert Finney (1936 - 2019)

Albert Finney stars as Charlie Bubbles, a working class writer from Manchester who, in the course of becoming prematurely rich and famous has loses his capacity to feel. He returns to Manchester to visit his estranged wife and son and his return home accidentally becomes an attempt to reestablish his connections with life, people, and his own history. Written by Shelagh Delaney (A Taste of Honey), Charlie Bubbles was Finney’s sole turn at directing and features a great cast including Billie Whitelaw, Liza Minnelli and Yootha Joyce.