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Pillow Talk (Michael Gordon, USA, 1959)

Doris Day is absolutely tops in her combination of sophistication and naivete.
— Hollywood Reporter

In tribute to Doris Day (1922 - 2019)

The quintessential 1950s romantic comedy.

Doris Day earned her sole Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Jan Morrow, a successful, self-reliant urban career woman whose quiet, secure life is turned upside down when she has to share a shared 'party line' with the talented composer and playboy Brad Allen (played by Rock Hudson).

Problems arise when Allen ties up the line with calls to his many girlfriends - calls that Morrow is, of course, party to. Eventually Allen devises a way to seduce Morrow by posing as a naïve gentleman from Texas. She soon discovers the ruse, and Hudson’s character is forced to win her affections once again, this time as himself.

Sure it's dated in many ways, but there's plenty to enjoy in the comedic chemistry between Day and Hudson and for the supporting role played by Tony Randall as Morrow’s possessive admirer (the trio reunited on two later films).