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Cutter's Way (Ivan Passer, USA, 1981)

Czech director Ivan Passer’s use of late-summer light is rich and entrancing, while Bridges and Heard give their all: the latter delivers a performance of spectacular rage and intensity. The result is nothing less than a modern masterpiece, and a film ripe for rediscovery.
— Tom Huddleston, Time Out

John Heard plays Alex Cutter, a Vietnam Vet who came back from war minus an eye, a leg, and an arm. He lacks direction, drinks too much, and abuses his wife (Lisa Eichhorn). One night his friend Richard Bone (Jeff Bridges) witnesses someone dumping something in an alley; it turns out to be the body of a young girl. When Cutter hears about it, he embarks on a crusade to expose the killer, enlisting the help of the murdered girl's sister. Bone reluctantly joins them. 

Screened in tribute to John Heard (1945 - 2017)