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One False Move (Carl Franklin, USA, 1992)

Here is a crime movie that lifts you up and carries you along in an ominously rising tide of tension, building to an emotional payoff of amazing power.
— Roger Ebert

In tribute to Bill Paxton who died on 25 February one of the actor's very best films - and one where he takes centre stage. 

Billy Bob Thornton (who co-wrote the film) is one of a pair pf drug dealers who flee Los Angeles and a crime scene of their making along with their beautiful accomplice Fantasia (Cynda Williams). The trio fetch up in small-town Arkansas where the local police chief (Paxton) soon finds his past catching up with him. 

A hillbilly crime caper and classic slice of 90s pulp fiction.  It’s also a rare chance to see Bill Paxton in full leading man mode.