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Nashville (Robert Altman, USA, 1975)

Never before has an American movie had quite this texture, this density both of visuals and of sound track. It is like a great tapestry, each strand clear and clean, but not until they have been skillfully interwoven do the main shapes emerge.
— Arthur Knight, Hollywood Reporter


A bank holiday Monday matinee special.

A political rally for Replacement Party candidate Hal Phillip Walker, coincides with a country music concert. Told over 5 days and through 24 characters, Nashville is a brilliant satire on American politics, the music industry, and prophetically, the cult of celebrity.  

The terrific cast includes Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Karen Black, Ned Beatty and Shelly Duvall. It's the perfect film for a year when eyes are focused on the US presidential campaign.